Using Creativity to Ease Anxiety

Using Creativity to Ease Anxiety 

Anxiety can be overwhelming and debilitating, but there are ways to cope with it. One of the best ways to manage anxiety is through creativity. Creative activities allow us to express ourselves and channel our anxious energy into something positive and productive. Whether it’s crafting, painting, or writing —creative outlets can help soothe your anxious thoughts and ease your stress levels. Let’s explore how you can use creativity to manage anxiety. 


Paint brush in the middle of paint splattered on a white backrgound.

Creative Activities for Stress Relief 

Creative outlets provide a distraction from the things that cause anxiety, allowing us to focus on something calming instead. Crafting is especially useful because it allows you to create something tangible using your own two hands. By taking a break from worrying about our anxieties and focusing on creating something new, we can find solace in our creations while also giving ourselves a sense of accomplishment. This could mean anything from knitting a sweater or making a scrapbook of memories—whatever activity helps you clear your mind is the one for you!

For me, watching the paint spread across the surface is so relaxing. The paint just does what it wants. I can influence it by tilting the surface, using a toothpick to draw into the paint, or any number of other ways. In the end though, the paint has a mind of its own. I am just the observer or guide. There's not pressure placed on me to do a certain thing, or act a certain way. 

Creativity Allows for Self-Expression 

When dealing with anxiety, it’s important to find an outlet where you can express yourself without fear of judgment or criticism. Through creative activities such as drawing or painting, we have the freedom to let out our emotions without worrying about what anyone has to say about it—it’s all up to us! We get total control over what we create when we put pen (or brush) to paper. It also gives us a burst of confidence knowing that whatever we create is entirely up to us and not someone else’s opinion. 

Whether it's online or in person, sharing your work always feels risky. Thoughts of "What will people think?" "Will they like it?" "Is it bad?" definitely enter my mind. Every single time. Every time I post on Instagram, add a new piece to my website, choose which pieces to bring with me to live events. Literally, every time! Eventually, I started realizing that while yes, it does get to me when people don't like my art. I try not to take it personally. Of course, I can choose to censor myself when I choose which pieces I bring. However, I've decided that I've done enough live events and put myself out there often enough, that if people don't like it, that's okay. Everyone's entitled to their opinion.

The Benefits of Creating Artwork 

Creating artwork doesn’t just give us a sense of accomplishment—it also connects us with other people who have similar interests in art and self-expression. The internet makes this easier than ever before—there are plenty of online communities dedicated towards helping others through their creative works. By connecting with these communities, we open ourselves up for support from like-minded people which can be extremely beneficial during times of high stress and anxiety levels. 

I love the opportunities at live events. I really enjoy talking with people about my art and sharing ideas with other artists and vendors. Sometimes, I find brainstorming solutions for other people is often easier than brainstorming for myself. 


Using creativity as an outlet for managing anxiety is one of the best things you can do for yourself during difficult times. Not only does it provide an escape from anxious thoughts but it also gives us the opportunity to express ourselves and channel those feelings into something productive and meaningful —something that will help make our lives better each day! So take some time out of your day today and try out some creative activities—you won’t regret it!