Spring Clear Out Art Show

Last year was a rough one. I had so many plans for last year and have felt like I'm in this indefinite holding pattern. I was accepted to a few big art fairs and festivals last year that ended up getting cancelled. I had put so much energy into creating enough art to stock my booth for each of those weekends. Summer in Phoenix means that not a lot happens outdoors, so there's a lull in fairs and festivals. Now, I have a TON of extra inventory that I need to clear out so I can keep creating and experimenting with new techniques. I've seriously got art supplies burning a hole in my pocket. (Not really, but you get the idea.)


This is great news for you! It makes me sad to see my work just waiting around. I'm hoping to send many pieces to new homes, and I'm doing a virtual live art show today! I'll be discounting several pieces (At least 50!) that aren't even available on my website! Each piece has been discounted by about 75%, so it's a great time to score some (more) original art.


Today, at 3 pm PST, I'll be going live on Facebook, Instagram and Zoom. Join me, ask questions, get to see the art and hear how each one was created. See you there! 


P.S. Want a sneak peak of the pieces I'll be sharing today? Visit this page to access all the deals!

You're invited to my art show!