Image of the Week: Fluid Landscape No. 1

Fluid Landscape No. 1

Fluid Landscape No. 1 (Mountain range)  Fluid Landscape No. 1 (Beach view)

What started out as an experiment, ended up with this really cool piece. I wanted to see if I could make a landscape with fluid art. With just pouring paint and no embellishing, I wanted to create a piece that resembled a landscape. 

I started with the sky. I layered colors of blue, white and silver and poured paint across the canvas. Then I swiped the paint to create more subtle blending of colors and transitions. 

Next, I worked on the mountains. I live in Arizona now, and am always in awe of the mountains we have surrounding the Phoenix area. For that, I mixed a few shades of brown with white and black and again poured and swiped across the canvas.  This time, I wanted to create some distant mountain tops, so I ended up using more of a zig zag motion while swiping toward the sky. 

Last, I wanted some greenery in the foreground. I mixed a couple shades of green with some gold and white and did the same technique as the previous layers.

Once this piece had dried, I loved it. My husband pointed out the fact that just by flipping it around, it goes from being a mountain landscape to a beach landscape. I LOVE that about this piece. It's so versatile and unexpected. 

The original piece was on a 10" x 20" stretched canvas and has already sold. However, I do have prints and other merchandise with the image available! (Click here to shop this image.) This week I have a few free digital  versions of the piece. I have the original mountain range version, but I also have the beach version for you too! Let me know in the comments which you prefer!

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