Image of the Week: Swimming Away

Swimming Away

Swimming Away image

This piece is probably one of my favorites! I've mentioned previously that I enjoy using blues in my pours. This one was no different. I used a combination of blue, green, white and gold to create this pour painting. I layered the paint in the cup and flipped it upside down and let the paint pour onto the canvas. 

After the paint had dried, I felt like the painting needed something else. The piece felt like it was underwater. Specifically, it reminded me of the scene from Finding Nemo where the turtles are all swimming in the current. I wanted something to illustrate the sense of movement that I felt. I opted for an octopus. I love how expressive their arms can be. Plus, the smaller circular cells in the painting could help create the suckers on the arms.

I enjoyed this octopus so much that I ended up creating some vinyl stickers of it. The original has already been sold, but prints are available. 

This week, the image of this piece has been resized and formatted to use as a mobile phone background. As an added bonus, I've also resized it as a desktop background as well. Check out the Image of the Week page to get your downloads. 

You can also shop for prints of this image here.