Image of the Week: Lavender

This week's image is my abstract piece, "Lavender". 


"Lavender" is an abstract, acrylic pour painting. This piece started out as an experiment. I wanted to see if I could create something that resembled flowers with fluid paints. I attempted to first lay down some purple and white. I put a paper towel over the top and lifted it up from the corners. This pulled the paint in a direction that resembled flower petals. I then added more paint and swirled with a toothpick to create something similar to lavender shaped petals.


Once the flowering part of the piece had dried. I then hand painted the leaves and stems. I also added some purple to outline and highlight the shape of the flowers. I am looking forward to trying similar techniques to create additional pieces. Maybe a series on animals or landscapes? Which would you like to see? 


This week, the image of this piece has been resized and formatted to use as a mobile phone background. Check out the Image of the Week page to get your download. 


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