Image of the Week: Pink Floral

Pink Floral


This week's image is my abstract piece, "Pink Floral". This is one of the many pieces my mother-in-law loved and claimed as her own.

"Pink Floral" is an abstract, acrylic pour painting. This is another strainer pour, so it was created by pouring paint through a kitchen sink strainer. That's what creates the patterns that look like flower petals. I used primarily pink, red, white, and gold. When I do these types of pours, I typically dislike the center of the pour - the part that is under where the strainer was. I always feel like the colors tend to get muddy. For this piece, I tilted the canvas so that the center was in the upper right corner. That's what helped stretch out the larger flower and made the flower petals much bigger. 

I love the dark gold part under the larger flower. Part of it reminds me of a flower stem. It also looks like there's a smaller flower in the lower left corner. 

I love watching strainer pours because they always make interesting patterns. I wonder what else I could use to make patterns… If you have any suggestions, leave a comment to let me know. :)

This week, the image of this piece has been resized and formatted to use as a mobile phone background. Check out the Image of the Week page to get your download.  You can also shop this image here.