Image of the Week: Daydream Blues

Daydream Blues

My favorite color is blue. As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, I love how calming blues are. This piece is an acrylic pour painting. For this piece, I layered blue, green, and yellow in my cup and then flipped the cup over on the canvas. Giving the cup a minute upside down lets the paint drain from the cup and settle a bit. Once I remove the cup, the paint spills outward and then I tilt the canvas to let the paint cover the whole space. 

While tilting (moving the paint around) this one, I decided that I LOVED the center. The dark blue areas show up so well against the lighter green and yellow circular cells. I imagine there's some epic battle happening at the center. I made sure I didn't tilt the canvas so much that it removed that section.

The original piece was a 12x12" stretched canvas and sold the first day I had it on display. 

This week, the image of this piece has been resized and formatted to use as a mobile phone background. Check out the Image of the Week page to get your download.  You can also shop this image here.