Image of the Week: Heart of Fire

Heart of Fire

This piece started out as an experiment. I had just purchased some silicone kitchen sink strainers to try pouring paint through them. I got a variety of types to see if the patterns would be different. The one used for this piece had long rectangular slots on the sides. 


I began layering paint alternating between black, red, pink, and white. The paint quickly began to seep out of the strainer and onto the canvas creating what looked like flower petals. After removing the strainer, I then tilted the canvas to stretch the paint so it covered the canvas and expanded the pattern.


Once the piece had dried, I decided that I wanted to embellish it. I really liked the lower left corner and wanted to find a way to draw more attention to it. I opted to hand paint a heart in the center of the white. I then decide to add highlights and shadows to make it look like a heart shaped water drop.


This week, the image of this piece has been resized and formatted to use as a mobile phone background. Check out the Image of the Week page to get your download.  You can also shop this image here.