Image of the Week: Yoshi's Controller Collection

As an artist and a gamer, I wanted to combine my two passions and create something unique. Traditional painters often use fruit, flowers, and other commonplace objects for their still life designs. But what if we infused a bit of nostalgia and modernity into this genre? That's why I decided to create a still life setup using old game controllers and plush characters from dearly beloved Nintendo consoles.

Growing up, gaming was a common pastime in my household. I remember the excitement of getting my first console, the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). As I got older, gaming continued to be a big part of my life. I found myself drawn to characters and stories that transported me to different worlds, filled with adventure and excitement. So, when it came time to create a still life setup, it only made sense to incorporate my love of gaming.

Still life setup includes a variety of video game controllers and a Yoshi plush.

To create this still life setup, I had to hunt down all of the Nintendo system controllers. Unfortunately, I didn't have them all, as I had sold or misplaced some of them over the years. However, I was able to track down a few at local thrift stores and game stores. After gathering all the necessary materials, it was time to set up the scene.

Using a combination of natural and artificial lighting, I positioned the controllers on a clean, white background. I added a few props, such as a Yoshi plush toy and bowls to add depth and visual interest. The end result was a unique and colorful still life setup that definitely stood out from the traditional fruit and flower paintings.

Yoshi's Controller Collection printed on a Gallery Wrapped Stretched Canvas.

This piece, was also included in the Arizona Artists Guild's Winter Exhibition. It was on display for the month of January! 

Yoshi's Controller Collection goes to the Winter Exhibition at the Arizona Artists Guild.

As an artist, it's important to push the boundaries and experiment with different styles and techniques. This modern approach to still life painting not only challenged me creatively, but it also allowed me to express my love for gaming in a unique way. Not to mention, I love being able to have fun with my art and share that with others. Watching people walk by my booth at art fairs and smile at my art makes my day. 

In conclusion, still life painting doesn't have to be limited to conventional objects like fruit and flowers. By incorporating personal interests and modern elements, artists can create captivating and fresh scenes that are unique to them. As we continue to grow and evolve as artists, it's advantageous to embrace new ideas and approaches, no matter how unconventional they may seem. So, let's level up our art and explore new possibilities and share our unique passions! 

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