How my virtual character influences my art

You may not know this, but I met my husband in a video game. Board games and video games have always been a part of my life. I've got a ton of memories about fighting with my younger brothers over who's turn it was to play the Nintendo. 

My character in World of Warcraft

Most recently, I've played World of Warcraft. I've played it since 2014. I've played my main character for over 110 full days. I typically play a druid healer, and surprisingly it shows up in my work and my personality. I never would have thought that a character I play in a video game could have such unique ties to me and my art. 


Healing class 

As a healing class in WoW I have to help keep people alive during various encounters. I enjoy helping others with their goals. I've never really been someone who enjoys the spotlight, so I tend to gravitate toward more supporting roles. I also have my own struggles with anxiety and depression. I've found that when I paint and create art, it helps calm my nervous and worried thoughts and helps me live in the moment.


My druid specializes in a lot of "heal over time" spells. This is definitely indicative of how I work. I enjoy working in little bits at a time. Usually, I try to keep it to about 2-3 hours before taking a break or shifting my focus to something else. 


Druids are shape shifters

In WoW, druids can take on a number of roles and can shift into a few different animals. (Cat, bear, tree, owl-person…) I love transforming a lot of my more abstract pieces into something new with my embellishments. Sometimes, when I start an embellished piece, there's just a hint of something there. I enjoy pulling it out, figuratively, of course. I also love experimenting with different art styles and mediums. I've done some work with watercolors, oil paints, acrylics, digital works, pencil, and so much more. I enjoy the freedom to move between mediums and explore different ideas and themes.

Abstract Fluid Art Skull    Golden Turtle   Swimming Away

Finding Balance 

Occasionally, I do need a break from healing. When I shift to a different role in WoW, I play a  balance druid. I hate conflict and avoid it when possible, but I enjoy the balancing act that this form provides. Balance druids tend to alternate between solar and lunar spells. Have I ever mentioned that I love Arizona sunsets and the night sky? I find that nature never fails to inspire me and my work.

Beach Waves   Holding the Moon   Wishful Thinking

I never realized how much playing a druid healer impacted my real life until I sat down and thought about it. There are so many similarities between my in-game persona and who I am as a person. I genuinely enjoy helping others, whether it’s through my art or just being there for someone as a friend. And while I may not be the most outgoing person, I try to radiate positivity as much as possible because I know that small gestures can make a big difference in someone’s day. But above all else, what I think truly speaks to me playing a druid is the fact that they can take on many different roles and forms depending on the situation, and that is something that I strive for in my own life. Just like with my art – I love trying new styles, mediums, and techniques. It keeps things interesting and allows me to grow as an artist. So whether I’m a balance druid or healing, you can bet that I’m putting my all into everything I do.