Gaming + Art = Magic! How One Artist Fuses Pixels and Paint

Kristin takes us behind the scenes, unveiling the enchanting process that breathes life into her gaming-themed artworks. With each brushstroke, Kristin captures the essence of iconic gaming moments, infusing them with a unique artistic flair that resonates with gamers, collectors, and art enthusiasts alike. So, gear up for a fascinating exploration of how pixels and creativity collide in this captivating interview!

Q1: What ignited your passion for creating gaming artwork? Was there a specific game or moment that sparked your journey into this artistic adventure?


A: You know, it all started with a desire to infuse modern elements into my art. I'd been painting a lot of still life pieces, and while they were great, they needed a twist of something more contemporary. Being a gamer, the idea struck me to paint a still life that captures the essence of video games. I remember painting a collection of video game controllers, and that piece ended up being quite popular. One guy walked into my booth, looked at it, and said, "that's my childhood right there." That comment stuck with me because it was my childhood too! Gaming has always been a part of my life, so incorporating it into my art just felt natural.


"Game On" painting pictured.

That's my childhood right there!


Q2: Your journey into gaming artwork is intriguing! Now, let's delve into your creative process. How do you transform these gaming icons into your art, capturing their essence and making them come alive on the canvas?


**A:** Ah, the creative process is where the magic happens! When I start crafting gaming artwork, I start by selecting a game or item that will resonate across different generations of gamers. Then comes the fun part—diving into the design details. I first do some research into the game or item. Sometimes it's been so long since I played the game that I need to refresh my memory. My goal is to strike a balance between some realism and a touch of stylization, giving life to those iconic features that every gamer recognizes. It's like translating the excitement of unboxing a brand-new console or game onto the canvas.


Q3: That sounds like a true labor of love! Let's shift gears and talk about your audience. How do you see your gaming artwork resonating with collectors and gamers, and how does it add that touch of nostalgia to their surroundings?


**A:** I think that society has this stereotype of "the art collector" that is outdated. Sure, a lot of people love the classical artists, but those pieces don't always speak to our individuality or personalities. When we design our spaces, we want it to speak to who we are, our memories, and our passions. I hope that my art helps people accomplish that. 

Q4: It's amazing how your gaming artwork resonates with people on a personal level. Now, shifting to your experiences, is there a specific gaming memory that has significantly influenced your artistic journey? How has it impacted your approach to creating gaming artwork?


**A:** My son is currently 11. For a very long time now, he has loved the character of Yoshi. He has a pretty intense Yoshi collection. My first digital painting was a still life of his Green Yoshi and a collection of Nintendo controllers - from the original NES to the current Switch console. My husband and I are dreading the day that he says he's done with Yoshis, so I think that I wanted to memorialize his enthusiasm in my art. "Yoshi's Controller Collection" has been so popular that it was selected for the Arizona Artist's Guild's Winter Exhibition earlier this year. That piece ended up leading to my current gaming themed artwork. 

"Yoshi's Controller Collection" seen framed hanging on the wall next to "Invincible Flowers", also framed.

"Yoshi's Controller Collection" next to "Invincible Flowers"


Q5: I see how that memory has left a mark. Now, thinking of the gamers and art enthusiasts who discover your work, what do you hope they take away from your gaming artwork in terms of emotions or connections?


**A:** It's all about kindling the fires of nostalgia and connection. Whether they're die-hard gamers, passionate collectors, or folks seeking a splash of creativity in their space, I want my artwork to evoke those "I remember that!" moments. It's about celebrating our shared love for gaming and tapping into the joy that it brings. When someone hangs one of my pieces, I hope they feel like they're part of a vast gaming community, all bonded by pixels, controllers, and virtual escapades.


Q6: That's a heartwarming sentiment. Finally, what exciting plans do you have for your gaming artwork in the future? Any hints about upcoming projects or directions you're eager to explore?

**A:** I'm excited to expand my gaming art collection with even more iconic controllers, consoles, characters and gaming moments that span gaming eras. But there's more—I'm diving into the fusion of gaming themes with various art styles, like mixing my favorite gaming moments with unique artistic interpretations. And who knows, I might be cooking up some unexpected collaborations that bring together gaming and art enthusiasts in innovative ways. Stay tuned, because the adventure is just getting started!

From igniting nostalgia to crafting new adventures, this interview with the mastermind behind gaming artwork has given us a sneak peek into the creative universe where pixels and brushes collide. Gaming art isn't just about paint on canvas; it's about celebrating shared memories, cherishing virtual journeys, and translating it all into captivating visual stories.


So, as you embark on your gaming quests, remember that these art pieces are more than just decorations—they're time capsules of excitement, camaraderie, and exploration. Every brushstroke echoes the thrill of discovering new worlds and the magic of those cherished controller clicks.


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