Behind the Art: Fragile

Recently a new Legend of Zelda game was released by Nintendo, Tears of the Kingdom. Growing up, I loved these games. I found it amazingly fun to cut grass. (Yup! I cut all the grass. lol) Breaking pots and cutting grass were great ways to find extra money in the game. If there was a pot or a patch of grass they must be cut down. This is still true today, but to a lesser extent. Cutting the grass isn't as lucrative as it once was. 

"Fragile" shown on a living room wall.


Recently, I saw a listing on Etsy for a 3d printed, breakable pot that could be put together again with the help of some small magnets. I was instantly taken back to my childhood. I also thought about the Japanese method of Kintsugi for repairing pottery using gold. I imagined what the pot would look like when it was put back together again. 


I had to try it. Using Procreate, I drew a pot similar to those in the Zelda games. Brown clay pots with a pale wave shape to it and a darker ring around the bottom. I then added a layer of gold colored cracks on top. I loved the effect, but I thought it would be neat as a vase. 

"Fragile" - Work in progress collage.


The only flower, I've encountered in Tears of the Kingdom so far has been a bomb flower. I found those fitting because maybe one of those bombs exploded, leading to the broken vase. I added a couple of those. In the previous game, "Breath of the Wild', I remembered there were some pale blue and white flowers called Silent Princess. I added those and turned my attention to the backdrop. Have I mentioned before that I hate creating backgrounds? Ugh! At first, I thought I'd try a dark curtain or cloth in the background, but I felt it took away from the luminosity of the flowers. Instead, I opted for a solid, dark blue, which I ended up loving. I think it helps to make the flowers feel more magical because of the high contrast.

Finished version of "Fragile" shown in full.


The bright, saturated colors provide a cheerful appearance, not unlike the colors of the outdoors of Hyrule on a sunny day. I named the piece "Fragile" because of the bomb flowers and the cracked pottery. Do you think the bombs may explode and break the pot again?


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