6 Reasons You May Want a Gallery Wall

6 Reasons You May Want a Gallery Wall

Possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating your home. Many people opt for finding one piece of art they love and going big. That's not the only option though. Gallery walls are a fun alternative to a single large print. A gallery wall is a grouping of several smaller art pieces displayed together. Let's examine a couple of reasons you may choose to have a gallery wall in your home.

My gallery wall on the landing of my home.

Create a Focal Point

Imagine walking into a room and seeing a wall filled with art. It draws your attention and demands a closer look. Maybe the pieces have a similar theme, maybe not. You stop to notice a few of the pieces and maybe even start a conversation with your host about some of them. Gallery walls are a great way to create the focal point in the room. Every time your guests come by, they will likely notice the wall. They likely won't notice each piece, but every time, they'll notice something new. 

Larger Pieces can be Expensive

It's no secret that the larger a piece of art is, the more expensive it is. For example, an 8x10 inch print on a gallery wrapped stretched canvas costs $160. An 8x10 usually isn't enough by itself to make a big statement in a room. To really make a statement with one piece, it would need to be much larger. A 40x50 inch piece on the same premium gallery wrapped stretched canvas costs nearly $1,000. It's big enough to make a statement, but also, leaves a bigger debt in your bank account.

Invest in Art & Stories Over Time

Rather than pay for one large, expensive piece, you can slowly invest in and grow your art collection over time. As you're stopping by farmer's markets, art fairs, and other local events, you can stop by many artist booths. Not only will you be supporting and encouraging local artists, but you may end up finding something truly unique. In addition, you can always ask the artist the story behind the piece you purchase. Your gallery wall will eventually be filled with art AND stories to go with them. Seriously, no one is going to be impressed when you say, "I picked this one up at the local Home Depot" (or whatever local store with home decor). Instead, you can say something more meaningful like, "I met the artist at The Local Art Festival, and they explained that this piece was created by… "

Fit Any Size Space

I alluded to this one earlier, but it warrants mentioning again. I truly love the fact that gallery walls can fit ANY space. Have a super thin wall that you just don't know what to do with? A gallery wall will fit there. Add a handful of smaller pieces. Gallery walls can grow over time, so you may find that you can quite easily fill a much larger wall in a great room or living room. That wall space on the stairs is also a great spot for gallery walls. 

Lots of Setup Options to fit your Style

Gallery walls are so flexible and can easily be adapted to fit your style. If you're a person who likes organization and order, then you can find pieces that are all the same size, frame them the same way, space them out evenly, etc. If you prefer a little more chaos, mix and match your sizes, frames, and how they're displayed. I'm a fan of the chaotic setup. I like finding new pieces that work together in unexpected ways. 

What do you think? Is a gallery wall right for you? Show me your gallery walls!